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A review of one of my most all time favourite books I have ever read. One of them is Storm and Silence.

What is  Storm and Silence? This is a Victorian aged novel which is based on the love of a suffragist and chauvinist joined together. Lily lives in London In London there is the most selfish and most bratty bachelor of them all. Mr Rikkard Ambrose. Lily Linton finds herself at a dead end when she finds herself having to work for the eligible bachelor dresses as a guy. He knows of course that she is a girl. This is what I like about Rob Thier!!! He is able to put a challenge. This was a book I had discovered on wattpad. The energy found in his book is exhilarating, everyone is literally on cloud nine with this amazing book. It has that old money and the history of the victorian ages. If you did not know the victorian ages like me! This is a go to for people who love anything and everything about the olden times, thriving in almost anything about the Victorian ages.

I honestly had no idea whatsoever about the Victorian ages until I read this book. Storm and Silence actually is a series. Rob Thier wrote six books pertaining to Lily and Rickards love.

One of the most cherished moments of the series is the saying

‘Knowledge is power is time is money’

Rikkard is the most richest, wealthiest eligible bachelor of all times. He is well… the most handsome as well. During the series,you can just feel the love that these people have for each other. At first, Lily falls for him  but Rikkard kills her with his cold silence and fierce looks. Lily is not the one to give up though. This book sounded off like a love-hate relationship, constant bickering and cold communications. This sort of makes and keeps the reader interested in the way

As soon as I read the first paragraphs of Storm and Silence, the description of Mr Ambrose got me panting afterwards.

Hard. That was what he looked like. That was the first thing you noticed: hard chiseled face like that of some kind of Greek statue.

That was the part that literally set me off. The description of this man, is one point, straight to the point and REAL.


Because of that Rikkard is real in my heart!



The cool atmosphere throughout the book as they travel in and out dark places like Egypt, Brazil, the Amazon forest, Argentina and then Scotland. All this time, Rikkard tries to hide his love for her, but you know as a reader you sometimes doubt if he loved Lily. Rob is good at making you question their love. Hot intense love moments are experienced in the end when in Silence Breaking, they tell each other, they love each other. I got immense butterflies!




This is the order in which the books have been written… enjoy!


The art of not breathing

By Sarah Alexander

Since her twin brother, Eddie, drowned five years ago, sixteen-year-old Elsie Main has tried to remember what really happened that fateful day on the beach. One minute Eddie was there, and the next he was gone. Seventeen-year-old Tay McKenzie is a cute and mysterious boy that Elsie meets in her favorite boathouse hangout. When Tay introduces Elsie to the world of freediving, she vows to find the answers she seeks at the bottom of the sea.

This book has an element of grief mixed with doing something about it. So many of us today grieve through hate and then resentment. Little Else finds it upon her to figure out how Eddie disappeared.


At the end of the book, the author is asked what was the hardest part bout writing the book:

Tay has this confession about Elsie in the boathouse and how he physically hurts her. Elsie is completely overwhelmed but she fights through it.

I agree too, that part made me squirm a little. I loved reading these books and if you want to read them, head on over! You won’t regret it.




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