The catcher in the rye

The catcher in the rye

In the analysis of the novel we have come to identify countless times that Holden is introduced as a reckless and rebellious character. He seems to be further used by the language and style of the novel. Humour is also thrown in. Holden’s suicidal thoughts make him depressed. He even goes to goggle at woman despite the fact that he was dating Sally and was about to go out on a date with her. His breakdown makes him bitter and thoughtless. He is seen as seem one who is untrustworthy. He doesn’t seem to quite know who he really is. That makes him unreliable. But what really makes him unreliable?

Holden’s anxiety with regards to death and loss makes him emotional and without an ability to really fathom any goodness in life. He irrationally starts to see other things as troubled and worthy of critics. It is many cases where he wills suddenly starts criticizing anything and everything around him. This includes the actual existence of society and its racial and prejudicial actions. Although some of his critics seem to show a bit of logic and sense, he allows its senses to get to him. It changes the way he is supposed to be behaving because he suddenly starts to treat other people with pure hostility and pure hate.

What is on his mind is furthered by his actions around other people. People like Sally whom he proves to be uncanny and faithful towards are something that is somewhat unreliable from him. It is caused somehow by his unwillingness to fall. His difference from the world makes him to see everything as fake and pretentious so in his mind, Holden thinks it is good to give what the world had asked for. So his inner anger and pain makes him act and speak anyway.
For example, in one scene he seems to be acting towards a prostitute that is about to enter his apartment when he suddenly seems fall while dressing up. This sort of tells of who he really is. His anxiety has caused his falling. And so this falling has a symbol towards life and falling in life. That is what he most detests the most, the fate and the action of falling. Running away from all of this makes him detached from his life back at home and caused an emotional breakdown that makes him act a certain way.


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